MMC 274 Nexus®

MMC 274 Nexus®

Multiple Module Calorimeter

Various Modules in One Calorimeter

The MMC 274 Nexus® consists of two parts: the base unit with electronics and the exchangeable calorimeter module. This guarantees maximum flexibility.

Exchangeable calorimeter modules are available for different applications. The Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (ARC®) module can be used for standard process safety work. The External heater module can be employed for more sophisticated measurements.

Key Features and Advantages of MMC 274 Nexus®

  • Multiple testing modes in one instrument for wide application coverage
    • Scanning mode (constant power, constant heating rate)
    • Isothermal mode
    • Adiabatic mode with Heat-Wait-Search for process safety tests
  • Exchangeable calorimeter modules in one table-top instrument
    • ARC module for safety testing
    • External sample heater module for scanning tests as with DSC
  • Wide temperature range up to 500°C
  • Wide pressure range up to 150 bar (15 MPa)
  • Various sample containers of different materials and volumes
  • Proteus® software for the evaluation of onset, peak, area, etc., which may be combined with other thermoanalytical data in one plot

Key Technical Data

Key Technical Data

(subject to change)

  • Temperature range:
    RT to 500°C
  • Temperature readability:
    0.01 K
  • Heating rate:
    0 to 5 K/min
  • Pressure range:
    0 to 150 bar
  • Pressure readability:
    0.01 bar
  • Sample container volume:
    0.1 ml to 8.5 ml 
  • Tracking rate - ARC and scanning module:
    up to 50 K/min



The MMC 274 Nexus® can be used for a wide range of applications in different areas

  •  Chemical Processing Industries
    • Process development and safety
    • Kinetics, ΔHr
  • Storage and Transportation of Chemicals
  • Energetic Materials Testing
  • Batteries
    • Isothermal charging and discharging of coin cell
    • Component testing (cathode materials, electrolytes)
  • Physical Properties Measurements
ARC ModuleARC Module
Scanning ModuleScanning Module

Process Safety: The ARC Module

Heat-Wait-Search and Pressure Tests
A defined volume of a sample (ml scale) is placed in a tube-shaped container. The container is surrounded by a sophisticated heating system. Depending on the operating mode, the surroundings of the tube vessel are controlled to the same temperature as the sample. If there is no temperature difference between the surrounding heaters and the sample, then all the heat generated by the sample stays inside the sample.

Key Features of the ARC Module

  • Heat-Wait-Search tests for thermal runaway reactions
  • Ramp mode for fast screening of unknown samples
  • Pressure measurement

The Scanning Module

Isothermal and Scanning Tests

Here, an additional heater is placed on the outside of the sample container. This allows for a defined power input and more accurate temperature control of the sample. The external heater is useful for running isothermal and constant temperature ramp tests, especially in those experiments where reaction energies are higher.

Key Features of the Calorimeter with the Scanning Module

  • Scanning mode as with DSC via constant heating rate or constant power
  • Isothermal mode as with DSC
  • Pressure measurement
  • Injection of liquid samples during the measurement
Sample containers of different materials and volumesSample containers of different materials and volumes



Digital Media

Digital Media

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