TSP – Smoldering Test Device

Testing system with single burner according to DIN EN 16733 for the determination of a building product’s propensity to undergo continuous smoldering

Compact design and the use of high quality materials guarantee an extended product life and reduce wear and tear of the TSP system as well as cleaning and maintenance efforts, increase safety and make daily work at the laboratory much easier. The connection of an external PC or notebook in combination with the Software TSP 2016 enables the recording, storage and analysis of measuring data.

Features at a Glance

  • Stainless steel base plate with measuring data recording module, gas flow meter, burner positioning mechanism, sample holder and adjustable feet for stable footing
  • Stainless steel sample holder frame with 4 clamps and mounting plate for 6 thermocouples
  • Horizontally arranged Teklu burner with positioning mechanism, adjustable limit stop and and variable area flowmeter
  • 7 NiCrNi mantle thermocouple type K for measuring the sample and air temperature
  • Sample frame for thin samples
  • Wire mesh box for loose materials
  • Extinguishing plate made from calcium silicate for securely extinguishing the sample
  • Digital temperature measuring device with 8 measuring points and USB interface
  • Single license for software TSP 2016