PTFE — Visco-Elastic Properties

The combination of a 3-point bending sample holder and a modulated sample force allows the visco-elastic properties of a material to be determined. A PTFE bar was measured between -150°C and 150°C under (rectangular) modulated force (fixed static force of 0.2 N and three different dynamic forces). Based on the expansion data and the sample geometry, the storage modulus E´ can be calculated as a function of temperature. The three typical PTFE transformations are clearly visible at around -100°C (ß-transition), between 0°C and 50°C (crystal to condis-crystal transformation) and above 100°C (glass transition). (measurement with TMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion®)

Meaningful Material Characterization in the High-Temperature Field
TMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion® - Thermomechanical Analyzer

What sets the TMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion® apart is the modular concept of interchangeable furnaces covering the temperature range from -150°C to 1550°C, which are also compatible with other NETZSCH instruments. A large number of sample holder types and adjustment possibilities are available. The TMA 402 F1/F3 Hyperion® can be operated with a broad range of force, without added weight, digitally programmable from -3 N to 3 N.