Dental Composites — Mechanical Stability

In dental applications, light-curing dental composites are used as restoratives (fillings) or veneering materials. The materials are generally composed of methacrylate systems such as bis-glycol-dimethacrylate (bis-GMA) or urethane dimethacrylate (UDMA). Additional monomers are used as diluent or to guarantee the cross-linking abilities of the resin. Inorganic fillers up to 80 weight percent improve the mechanical properties and reduce shrinkage during cross-linking. (measurement with Photo-DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®)

Photo-DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®

The Photo-DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®, Differential Photocalorimeter, is our answer to the market trend seeking solutions for analyzing the UV curing of light-activated resin systems, adhesives, paints, coatings and dental masses. Further application areas include determining the effect of light on the shelf life of foods or technical oils, fats and lubricants.