Pitch Carbon Powder — Evolved Gas Analysis (QMS)

Pitch carbon powder (55.2 mg) decomposes in nitrogen flow (50 ml/min) into aromatic compounds of high molecular weight, mainly up to 600°C. Only selection is shown by MID curves for pyrenes (m/z = 202), Triphenylenes (m/z = 228), Benzo(a)pyrenes (m/z = 252), Benzo(ghi)perylenes (m/z = 276) and Dibenzopyrenes (m/z = 302). (measurement with QMS 403/5 SKIMMER®)

STA 409 CD-QMS 403/5 SKIMMER - Coupling System

Highest detection sensitivity through direct coupling of the STA 409 CD with a quadrupole mass spectrometer (QMS) - evolved gas analysis (EGA) method.