DTBP — Thermal Runaway

DTBP (Di-tert-butyl peroxide) is the commonly used standard substance to carry out ARC measurements. The plot shows the thermal runaway reaction of 20% DTBP in toluene, accompanied by the pressure increase after 600 min.

DSC-like Testing: Application of the Modul with External Heater
Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC 274 Nexus®

The MMC 274 Nexus® can be used in conjunction with the DSC and the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter where its special features better match the application. The MMC 274 Nexus® is used for measuring heats of reaction, reaction rates, endotherms, heat capacities, phase changes, gas generation rates and vapor pressures.

Accelerating Rate Calorimeter 254 (ARC®)

This new Accelerating Rate Calorimeter (model ARC® 254), formerly known as TIAX New ARC 5000, is a specialized instrument to help industry operate safely and profitably. Highly versatile, miniature chemical reactor, it measures the thermal and pressure properties of exothermic chemical reactions. The resulting information helps engineers and scientists identify potential hazards and tackle key elements of process optimization and thermal stability.