Chinese Webinar: "给力”的DMA测量 - 深入剖析DMA测试参数 (May the "Force" be with DMA - Important parameters in DMA Measurement)

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 | 10:00 - 11:00 AM CST (Beijing Time)

1.     DMA 测试原理
2.     DMA 相关校正
3.     DMA 各项测试参数剖析

Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA) is a measuring technique which applies an oscillation force with certain frequency on sample, then measure the deformation response of sample together with its phase lag, thus to get the modulus, damping, energy loss, visco-elastic and other mechanical properties with its change with temperature and time. This technique is widely used in plastics, rubber & elastomer, resin composite, film, fiber, coating, metal, ceramic and other application fields.
For a user of DMA, to get better test results, it’s necessary to deeper understand the principle of DMA, the calibrations, and the physical sense and usage of various test parameters. So this presentation contains the following three sections:
1.     The principle of dynamic mechanical analysis.
2.     Calibrations of DMA
3.     A study of various test parameters with tips on how to optimize.
Hope this provides help for users in daily work to get more reliable results from DMA.

Language: Chinese

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