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Kinetics Neo version 2.1.2 released

18 Dec 2018 Article

The new Kinetics Neo version 2.1.2 was released on December 10, 2018. Main new feature is the support of crystallization by the Nakamura analysis with the Hoffman-Lauritzen temperature dependence. Read more…

Kinetics Neo version 2.0.1 released

19 Oct 2018 Article

The new Kinetics Neo version 2.0.1 was released on September 6, 2018. Three new methods for analysis of failure temperature and time-to-event are have been added.  Read more…

AdvancedScienceNews focuses on DEA as a system for intelligent manufacturing

16 May 2018 Article

Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRPs) are a fast-growing market that have the potential to influence many industries, including the automotive industry. At present, these CFRPs are created through composite manufacturing, a process that is currently evaluated after the fact. This lack of process monitoring and control equipment is hindering the... Read more…

JEC 2019: Kistler and NETZSCH showcase their collaboration

Real-time monitoring of Infiltration and Curing.
NETZSCH and KISTLER cooperate to provide the best solutions for your plastic composites processing.


How Compression Can Influence the Modification of Caffeine

Caffeine is used in association with active ingredients that induce sleepiness because it stimulates the central nervous system. Characterization of the present modification can quickly and easily be made by means of only one DSC heating run.


NETZSCH and USQ join in research partnership to advance automated composite manufacturing

Accepting challenges and creating solutions: these are the goals of NETZSCH Research Partnerships. Research Institutes and NETZSCH cooperate intensively and in close exchange with one another in order to advance new and emerging technologies.


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Characterisation of Pharmaceuticals using Thermal Analysis

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Composites Part 1 How kinetic simulation can improve your thermosetting curing process