Let`s meet: We are happy to see you face-to-face again!

With many governments loosening the regulations, we are also relaxing our internal regulations for customer visits.

We are very pleased to visit you again on site from now on. Our service technicians and sales managers look forward to the face-to-face exchange with you!

Meetings in our offices with tours of the laboratory and device demonstrations are possible - of course, all in compliance with the social distancing rule and with mouth-nose cover.

You want to avoid personal contact?

Our remote service offer as well as the offer of a virtual laboratory visits remains!

Contact us to schedule your personal or digital meeting!

Our Remote Service Offer

We have updated our service offer for you! Learn how the NETZSCH remote service will support you as quickly and helpful as usual.


A new milestone in fire testing of cables compliant to EN 50399

With the introduction of the revised EN 50399 standard, the next step has been taken for the fire safety in public buildings and installations. The standard describes the exact test conditions of cables or cable bundles to simulate realistic conditions in case of fire. NETZSCH TAURUS® Instruments now offers a standard cable (according to prEN 50399:2020) for fire testing in accordance with EN 50399 to match its Fire Testing System for Cables (KBT).



Making Your Rheology Life Easier – rSpace Kinexus Software

Learn more about how the Kinexus rSpace software can make your rheological measurements easier, whether you are new to rheology or an experienced rheologist!


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Using a Rheometer to simplify tack testing


Webinar 09 Jun 2020, 04:00 pm – 05:00 pm

Introduction to Capillary Rheometry and its common applications


Webinar 11 Jun 2020, 04:00 pm – 05:00 pm

The Rheology of Dispersions


Webinar 18 Jun 2020

From fundamental physics to future applications - Simultaneous dynamic-mechanical and dielectric analysis


Featured NETZSCH Instruments

Kinexus DSR

Kinexus DSR - A diverse analytical research solution for laboratory testing.

Kinexus lab+

Kinexus lab+ - Rotational rheometer for routine and Quality Control testing

Rosand RH2000

Rosand RH2000 - Bench top capillary rheometer for research to QC testing.

Rosand RH7/10

Rosand RH7/10 - Robust research capillary rheometers for high force conditions.