Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: A Crucial Material Property

The design of parts and components made of fiber-reinforced composites needs to take the coefficient of thermal expansion into account because it determines the extent to which a material changes its dimensions when heated or cooled. Thermomechanical Analysis is the perfect method to predict product performance and processing behavior. Read our contribution to the journal Kunststoffe International for an overview of applications.



Why NETZSCH Heat Flow Meters Support Reduction of C02 Emissions

Governments set strict building insulation regulations in place to reduce carbon emissions. Consequently, a lot of effort goes into the engineering of materials with very low thermal conductivity to supply the market with even better thermal insulation materials. Learn how the NETZSCH HFM 446 Lambda Eco-Line allows accurate and fast determination of thermal conductivity and thermal resistance!


New: Additive Manufacturing Materials in Identify

The Identify software is one of a kind in the field of Thermal Analysis. Via database comparisons, it only takes a second for Identify to identify and classify your samples. We have added Additive Manufacturing materials to our database!


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Featured NETZSCH Instruments

HFM 446 Lambda Eco-Line

The new HFM 446 Lambda Eco-Line features a standardized method for the measurement of thermal conductivity which is equally applicable in research and development and in quality assurance.

TCC 918 – Cone Calorimeter

Determination of the heat release rate, the dynamic smoke production and the mass-loss rate of specimens in horizontal orientation in accordance with to ISO 5660-1

TMA 402 F3 Hyperion® Polymer Edition - Tailor-made for low-temperature applications

The TMA 402 F3 Hyperion® Polymer Edition was designed to gain valuable information about product performance and processing behavior of polymers. Equipped with the compact highly reactive IC-furnace, it covers a temperature range of -70°C to 450°C without the need of LN2.

Rosand RH2000

Rosand RH2000 - Bench top capillary rheometer for research to QC testing.